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that start-up founder loving creator of mental health tech
is stimulating the brain having fun w/ y'all w/ love.




Year 2024 - Evolve 蜕
Jan 2024 - Jump 跃
Feb 2024 - Levitate 升
March 2024 - Rise 启
April 2024 - Reform 造
May 2024 - Meaning 义
June 2024 - Abundance 丰


deep talks, creations, tech etc...

yay~ 1-on-1 sessions
are finally opened
for now!

deep talks, creations, tech etc...

  • how to integrate any new tech stacks?

  • how to shake away the broken stereotypes & be a polymath?

  • how to make engineering designs w/ humanistic missions?

  • how to be the speaker w/ detailed skill sharing, engaging activities, &// philosophical thoughts igniting thought-provoking questions for growth?

  • how to be fun, productive, and mindful at the same time?

  • book recommendations, possibly suitable resources & practical solutions?

1. mastery of any newly explored skills in the most suitable ways ထ

3. balancing nature, tech, & the beings, a.k.a ourselves?

~ limited time only, rating's different as we grow, evolve & spread love as well
~ choose any most relevant question(/s) to tackle with
~ just sample solved questions, feel free to come up w/ any within my current abilities

2. leading creative tech &// entrepreneurial projects w/ humanistic missions

  • possibly your most suitable way to start a tech start-up?

  • maximise your existing resources &// take off from there?

  • how to lead a team for a tech project for whatever visions &// humanistic missions?

  • how to make engineering designs w/ humanistic missions?

  • exploring personal branding &// the power of sharing as a new tech project leader?

  • how to think in ways of linking all activities into the projects creatively?

  • how to balance the mind, body & soul as one for an infinity amount of fun creations ?

  • how to bounce back from the bottom of destroyed/paused tech projects & 'ace it all'?

  • the most suitable ways to use mental health tech tools for your situations?

  • what's a suitable way to start a tech start-up & maximise the resources around now?

  • how to be mindful when we're relaxing & shift into 'fight mode' when needed?

  • how to think in ways of linking all activities into the projects creatively?

  • how to be fun, productive, and mindful at the same time?

❤️️ my blog posts ❤️️

previous blogs (shifted due to glitches of inserting caption)

biomedical engineering with creativity,
exploration on mental health technology & beyond.
my honest stories, advocacy & questions at the time of creating 'em.

the Free Fall poem series

a series poems in free verse style of
a biomedical engineer creating mental health technology along the journey with love
in #StressAwarenessMonth2024 (April), #AutismAcceptanceMonth2024 (April), #MentaHealthAwarenessMonth (May) and the advocacy of many other campaigns for a social change and the loving growth of our civilisation.

Chat or Collaborate with Me About...

  • Passion for improving mental health accessibility through innovative methods.

  • UTM biomedical engineering student graduating in Year 2023 (Please check LinkedIn for a list of the interesting projects & research I did, solo or in a team).

  • Yoga instructor and member of International Association of Therapists.

  • Top Love, mental health tech start-up creator (Nope, not using the word 'founder' for reasons).

  • Creator of Mental Health Engineering and Mental Health DAO with Soulbound NFTs.

  • Prototyping project creator, engineering designer, and contributor of Dr Strange: Robotic solution for autism, Mental Bot: Hugging bot for physical support to lessen mental burden during Covid-19 pandemic, DipBrain: Assistive Technology for Parkinson’s Disease Patients' Rehabilitation Project, Go Shopping or Go Hospital: No-Touching Fever Detector Arduino Project and more.

  • Love to serve more people by exploring and playing with the latest artificial intelligence tools.

  • Humble speaker at OpenAI Hackathon at, specialising in creating AI products with a humanistic mission.

  • Three times as the leader in AI hackathons at and twice among the best teams, featured multiple times, i.e.
    Chrolove: Chromotherapy made using Stable Diffusion in Spatial XR metaverse and application;
    Theralove: Therapy matching with precise percentage according to real-time updated symptoms using Cohere Classify;
    I-Rene: CBT chatbot that uses context-dependent answers generated with Cohere Conversant, and allows users to mint a free NFT to track their therapy sessions and be proud of their healing process.

  • MATLAB Deep Learning and Machine Learning tool: Classifier was used in urinalysis for stress identification in laboratory.

  • Spatian, a.k.a. Spatial XR mental health metaverse creator and community enthusiast.

  • Stress-relaxing and stress-stimulating VR (Virtual Environment) thesis writer and researcher.

  • Alchemist, a.k.a. Alchemy University learner of Web 3 dapp development and decentralised platform engineering, with a focus on Web 3 interoperability solutions.

  • Mindful and purposeful NFT creator and collector at OpenSea, etc.

  • Web 3 Mental Health Tech blogger using

  • Mental Health DAO NFT Distributor in MintKudos and DAO learner in Wonderverse.

  • Regularly learning and growing in my understanding of Web 3 through BuildSpace, Metaschool, and etc.

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Thanks, with love~!

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