This page will be updated regularly with love and professionalism. All the information here is based purely on personal experiences and use case scenarios, as each case is different, results may vary over time. Always, always remember to lower any potential risks with risk management when using any tools. For instance, only using data that are open source or collected with consent ethically to train the AI model and more.

If you or your company's tech team are searching for an update on Artificial Intelligence, is the ideal place to start! Their hackathons are currently free, and they have superb mentors, boilerplates, live streaming with Q&A sessions and so much more. I started off with programming languages in C, C++ and Python, but they helped me to clear out my doubts and provided me with a clear direction. I was able to master the skills in two to three months. You may only need a shorter time if you're a more proficient learner with more time devoted to it.

What's more, the people I encountered there were exceptionally talented and so kind! I just wouldn't think of how incredible people can come up with an awesome project within a weekend using the AI tools until I experienced it myself. For the projects that are successfully submitted and picked, we could even join communities that discuss about further updates such as but not limited to the MVP, the talent recruiting process, the funding and so much more specifically for products and services using AI.

Cohere AI Tools


I've personally used this classifier to classify the data related to the symptoms of mental health disorders matching certain mental health treatments or therapies suitable to the lovely person..

Typical use cases:

  1. Writing words to tell people what things are (product descriptions)

  2. Writing words to tell stories (blog posts)

  3. Writing words to make people want to buy things (ad creative, article summarization, spelling, grammar correction, and entity extraction)


Typical use cases:

  1. Finding things you want to know (Semantic search)

  2. Understanding what something is about (Topic modeling)

  3. Helping you find things you might like (Recommendations)

Now, you probably see me using the AI tools from Cohere in most hackathons and wonder why. Well, I chose to join Cohere AI hackathons on purpose. Let me show you the incredibly cool Sandbox and other features that cut the time in half for us to deploy an application as a prototype! When I tried it for the first time, I already knew for sure that I must know more about it. The community is also great, with Colab Friday to have demo showcase with the founders of Cohere! They're consistently giving support, giving out swags, tokens and cash prizes to the outstanding developers using the tools from Cohere. Humble yet outstanding and caring team.


My team used Generative AI to create a persona as a CBT-bot to provide context dependent answers. It's something I personally see as a feature that beats the old style of AI only knowing to respond to certain choices made by the others to avoid messing up with complicated input. But this, it gets better with any inputs from my current observations..

Typical use cases:

  1. Understanding what someone means (Intent recognition)

  2. Understanding the topic of a conversation or text (Topic classification)

  3. Understanding how someone feels (Sentiment analysis)

  4. Checking if something is appropriate (Content moderation)

  5. Helping people find the right person to help them (Support ticket routing)

OpenAI Tools


This was how OpenAI got the whole world excited about generative AI. Oh, wait, I would have to use present tense, because it is still happening! Of course, it's amazing as it's trained on a large corpus of conversational data to be so natural on its own.



GPT-3 / GPT-3.5 / GPT-4

Something stronger and more flexible than ChatGPT. In fact, ChatGPT was built based on GPT-3! Add this in as an API for your website, APP or anything, and you'll be shocked at the results. They're infinity. Oh, keep an eye on the release of GPT-4 as well, it would be insanely cool. Oh, yes, use it without wait time like ChatGPT and remember to check the tokens as they're only free for a period of time with limited tokens, works similar to 'Free Trials' but that's enough for testing on my side. Buy more or win some hackathons if we need more, any time. Did I mention that they just added a speech-to-text feature? Just try it out for yourself.



Yes, text-to-image generator that kept us wait for such a long time before the release. It marked the new journey of AI images when many AI start-ups also create text-to-image generators later on to join in the competition. Well known for the precision of its ability to follow the prompts.