Chee Pui Khei


that start-up founder loving creator!




Free Fall
- my first ever poem series in public -

a series poems in free verse style of
a biomedical engineer creating mental health technology along the journey with love
in #StressAwarenessMonth2024, #AutismAcceptanceMonth2024 and the advocacy of
many other campaigns for a social change
and the loving growth of our civilisation.

Year 2024 - Evolve 蜕
Jan 2024 - Jump 跃
Feb 2024 - Levitate 升
March 2024 - Rise 启
April 2024 - Reform 造


deep talks, creations, tech etc...

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biomedical engineering with creativity,
exploration on mental health technology & beyond.
my honest stories, advocacy & questions at the time of creating 'em.

mental health metaverse series

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