【pragraph <- mirror】Top 3 Web 3 communities for my metaverse creation journey for now...

note: yes, I used to make these on mirror.xyz but it started glitching when I type caption on a picture recently, so I shifted to paragraph to continue my 'mintable' blogs. You may now collect with MATIC here. Important to have communities that value us. A stone on the road is a cool stone making roads with the others. A stone with gem inside is a stone worth a million. There's really no right or wrong in what kind of 'stones' we become, but it has to be the most suitable community that we feel. By that, I mean, the place that could make you feel like that's where you belong as well. A community with people that wouldn't say you're too crazy for things or blame you for making mistakes when you're willing to get up and iterate. I'll just list down 3 blockchain communities I see my value inside.


Cliona Chee